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Now is the time

to start loving your life

just imagine....

Imagine a life where people-pleasing and procrastination do not dominate.

Imagine a life where self-doubt and being overwhelmed do not cloud your actions.

Imagine a life where your sensitivity becomes a source of strength

that guides you to make authentic and value-based decisions.

Imagine navigating life with a sense of calm and clarity.


In this life, you are no longer pushed and pulled around by your emotions,

you are thriving rather than just surviving and you move towards

what truly matters to you with greater clarity, confidence, and connection. 

Angela Mitten

Hi there, I'm

I help people get through the challenging times in life.


I'm passionate about supporting people to move from merely surviving to thriving.


I am also passionate about empowering people with great skills and knowledge. I guide people towards new ways of understanding themselves and provide a toolkit to ensure they thrive in life beyond the therapy room.

I've been thinking about how I can reach more people with the powerful tools that I use in individual coaching and finally came up with a new coaching program.

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Survival to Thriving:

breaking free from
and building
healthy boundaries

Chrysalis Counselling supports women with anxiety

If you would like to:

  • Get clear on your priorities so you become more purposeful in your decision-making.

  • Become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, without judgment, and reduce the impact of your overthinking mind.

  • Live in alignment with your values and take action towards what truly matters to you.

  • Build a positive, kind, and more understanding relationship with yourself.

  • Regulate your emotions more effectively, reduce emotional reactivity, and start feeling better.

  • Stay in the present moment, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and others with less worry and stress.

join me in my signature coaching program

what is included?

6 individual coaching sessions

Weekly email support

Six dynamic 1 hour coaching sessions in person in Bendigo or online via Zoom with me where we explore what's getting in the way of you leading your best life.

6 Video coaching sessions

Six live video group coaching sessions.Learn tips, tricks and strategies to build your emotional wellbeing toolkit. Replay of videos available with lifetime access.

Three calendar months of email support to answer all your questions, concerns and celebrations.

Workbook and handouts

Workbooks and handouts relevant to each skill taught during the group coaching.

All slides from group coaching shared as pdf files.

who is this 'Survival to Thriving' for?

This is a 12 week skills-based coaching program that will help you

grow a toolkit of resilience-building strategies. These in turn may help you to:

  • understand the impact of your nervous system

  • respond more flexibly to your nervous system cues

  • develop greater psychological flexibility

  • live life more authentically connected to your values

  • learn to defuse from difficult thoughts and feelings

  • make room for challenging thoughts and feelings

  • become more mindful and live in the present moment


I am excited to announce that this brand-new coaching program is launching in April

It's a 12-week program from April

Are you going to join me?

Your investment


payment plans available

Angela Mitten, anxiety counsellor in Bendigo, sitting in relaxed position on couch

If you're ready to have a transformational year.


If you're tired of:

  • procrastinating,

  • people pleasing,

  • feeling overwhelmed?

If you're ready to:

  • feel supported

  • learn new skills

  • get clear on your values and

  • take your life to the next level with
    greater satisfaction and meaning!

             JOIN ME IN APRIL

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Angela Mitten, anxiety counsellor in Bendigo, in brown dress, holding glasses, with laptop open, gazing out the window
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