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Why choose a counsellor over a psychologist?

Counsellors help people who are facing problems such as stress, domestic violence, or grief. They can help with workplace issues, family issues and relationship and parenting issues.

Counsellors can help you to talk through a problem and explore aspects and outcomes that you may not have considered.


Counsellors also support people with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Couples counsellors can support you in your relationships.

Counsellors have a relational approach rather than a diagnostic approach.

Angela has a Masters degree from Monash University and has been in private practice as a counsellor in Bendigofor over 5 years.

You do not need a Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor to see Angela.

The wait times to see a counsellor can be shorter than seeing a psychologist. 

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