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Parenting is full of challenges and can feel overwhelming at times. Having someone outside of the family to talk with can offer another perspective. I take a collaborative approach when working with children and families by helping parents and carers gain an understanding of their child's behaviour

and offer strategies around positive parenting.

Individual Counselling 

Life is complicated and messy, we get confused

and at times, feel defeated. We realise that we're constantly frustrated or angry, anxious or depressed. We think, "this is not how it is meant to be" and feel lost and unsure how to move forward.

If this is you, I can help you unravel what it is that is getting in the way of you living your best life, the life that you imagine for yourself. 

Individual counselling sessions give you a time to focus on yourself, rediscover what is important to you in your life, how to manage strong emotions so they have less control over your life and begin to move in the

direction of being your best self.


Couples Counselling

Relationships are challenging. Things can build up and sometimes it can feel like you don't even know each other anymore. 

To find out how I can support you both as a couple to better understand each other and enhance your communication, book a discovery call.

NDIS Participants

Chrysalis Counselling and Consultancy is registered NDIS provider.  We support self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed participants. 

Adult NDIS participants with funding under Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living can access individual counselling support via Zoom.


Fees are set in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide.


Couples Counselling
Individual Counselling
NDIS Provider


Clinical supervision is available for counsellors registered with PACFA or ACA.

Supervision is available online via Zoom.

Please book a discovery call to find out how I can support you as a counsellor in private practice.

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