Online Counselling

Why Online Counselling

Online counselling suits people for many reasons. It may be that you live in a small town and find the thought of going to a local counsellor just too close to home.


There can be a sense of safety in knowing that you will not bump into your counsellor while you are doing your shopping or walking your dog.

Start where you are

Beginning a counselling relationship can be quite daunting. You may want to make changes in your life but the thought of going and sitting face to face with a counsellor feels a little bit too much right now.  With online counselling you can make a cuppa, sit in the comfort of your own home and start working towards your goals at a pace that suits you.

NDIS participants

Many NDIS participants have funding for Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living, however find it difficult to access the support they need because of where they live, mobility or time constraints, or they may simply prefer the online environment.


Angela, at Chrysalis Counselling, offers individual, confidential, online counselling to self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA managed participants and their carers.

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Online Counselling

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