What is Sandplay?

Sandplay Therapy is a powerful, therapeutic approach where sandplay 'miniatures' are used to represent a person's unconscious mind.

Sandplay enables the unconscious to become conscious.  Through sandplay therapy a person can become aware of long held patterns that are repeated throughout their lives.

Who is it for?

While sandplay therapy looks like it is most suited to children it is also a very powerful therapeutic tool for adults.  For children, there is little discussion about the issue, the therapist provides a safe, secure space for the child to create their 'world' in the sandtray.

The technique used for adults is different than the technique used for children, there is more discussion and the adults will select a current issue that they wish to work on to 'put in the tray'.

Where does it come from?

Sandplay therapy was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld in 1921 who had a background in psychodynamic psychology.  Dora Kalff developed the method further incorporating Eastern philosophy, Jungian psychology.

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