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Counselling Support 
& the NDIS

We support adult NDIS participants with funding under Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living. We support self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed participants. 

Fees are set in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide.

Relationships &
Social Skills

Improved relationships lead to a more content and peaceful life.  Our connections with friends, family, colleagues and our community can enrich our lives and provide us with the support to achieve our goals. We assist adults and children to build communication

and social skills, regulate their emotions, gain confidence and take positive steps to

connecting with friends and family.

Mental Health

What does good mental health mean to you?

We understand that each person’s experience of mental health is unique. I can support you to rediscover your strengths and develop strategies to assist you to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

School & Education

Anxiety and depression can get in the way of reaching your educational and vocational goals. I can help you identify and work towards your education and vocational goals, build confidence and help you develop strategies to better manage difficult thoughts and feelings.

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