Have a question? Want to know a bit more about me or my counselling services? 

To help you get your answers quickly, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions I’ve received from clients.

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What kind of counselling do you do?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is my go-to approach which is trauma informed and also informed by poly-vagal theory and compassion focussed therapy. With children I tend to use more play-based and creative arts approach to develop emotional resilience and understanding 

depending on the needs of the client. 

What will happen in my

first session?

Some people begin counselling thinking that they have to tell me their whole life story, but counselling is not really like that.  I'll spend some time finding out what has brought you to counselling at this time and then we'll move onto how to make your life work more effectively.  ACT is a very active form of therapy – it's not just talking about problems.  After finding out about what has brought you to counselling we will work together to clarify what matters to you, how you want to treat yourself, and others, and what gives your life meaning and purpose.  Don't panic if you're not sure about these things right now!  Sometimes we're not

sure about these things, or we're in the middle of some big stuff and we

lose sight of what matters most to us.  I will support you to find out

or rediscover what gives your life meaning.



ACT is about taking action to solve problems and make life better.  It is about learning skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so they have less impact and influence over you.  I want you to leave each session with some new skills to try out or a plan of action – something you can take home and do between sessions that will make a positive difference. 

Do I need a referral

from my GP?

You do not need a referral or a diagnosis from your GP

to make an appointment with Chrysalis Counselling. 


You can either call the number below, or send an enquiry

via my contact page. 


Can I get a

medicare rebate?

There is no rebate currently available to see

a counsellor under the medicare scheme. 

Chrysalis Counselling in Bendigo offers individual counselling to adults and children

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