Helpful Resources

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Evolution of the Human Mind 

Happiness Myths 

Leaves on a Stream exercise (short) 

Leaves on a Stream exercise (long) 

Passengers on a Bus 

Limbic Brain and Trauma 

Polygraph Metaphor 

Struggle Switch 

Sushi Train Metaphor 

Unwanted Party Guest 

Values Versus Goals



The Explosive Child: A new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children by Dr Ross Greene, 2014

Dan Siegal Hand Model of the Brain

Polyvagal Theory

Stephen Porges:  “survivors are blamed because they don’t fight”

Sandplay Therapy

Mind Ya Head Radio Program on 94.9 MainFm

Mind Ya Head is a community radio program that I co-host with my friend and colleague, Gen Ward of The Good Life Careers. Each week we interview interesting people involved in mental health and wellbeing professions and discuss skills, strategies and issues about how to look after your mental health. Gen shares some job search strategies, we play our favourite songs and have a bit of a laugh too.