Therapeutic Art Making

The value of art making

I believe that the process of being creative is an inherent part of being human that is, of itself, meaningful.  Unfortunately, for many of us, this aspect of ourselves is blocked or denied.

How often in our lives have we been shamed or judged, shut down and eventually given up for experimenting with art making. Now is the time to reclaim yourself as an artist.

Art Journalling or Secret Scrapbooker?

I love messing about with glue, paper, found objects and recycled stuff. I incorporate poems, phrases, quotes, photos, theatre tickets, music, words or whatever takes my fancy to make pieces that hold meaning for ME.


While I have taught art in large group situations what I really love to do is to encourage others to experience the joy and abandonment of art making in a safe, non-judgmental space.  We will spend time together 'in the creative zone' and you'll leave each week having reconnected to your authentic, creative self.


We'll gently explore what comes up for you through the art making process, what blocks are present, what stories do you tell yourself about your ability, your worth, yourself as a creative being?

For our sessions together I will provide paints, glue, canvas, paper, lots and lots of mixed media goodness and some guidance around mixed media collaging techniques all thrown in with a bit of gentle counselling or therapeutic support.

The therapeutic benefits of art making have been well-established through research...but hey

... we already knew that didn't we?

  • If you've read this far and this resonates with you

  • If you're an NDIS participant with some funding for therapeutic support

  • If you live in the Greater City of Bendigo, or surrounding area

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